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Zeelenberg Architectuur Woordmerk


Living comes first, housing comes last

Over the years, our clients have given us the opportunity to develop our own style and realise attractive, interesting projects. But… we want to offer society more than just architecture. Inspired by the concept of ‘comprehensive sustainable development’ of the United Nations Summit in Johannesburg in 2002, we seek an equal balance among the three pillars, People, Planet and Prosperity, in each plan. Elements that allow the user, the natural environment and the local economy to harmoniously benefit from the project, without one pillar dominating the others. An intense, inspiring and often time-consuming process follows in cooperation with our clients, governments, environmental organisations and local interest groups.


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Our architecture aims to enhance how the residents and visitors experience their surroundings. We believe that living and recreating is about using public space more than anything else. We see the future tenant, guest or local visitor in our mind’s eye, enjoying the environment, walking along its paths, or enjoying wine on a terrace. For us, the journey home is perhaps even more interesting than the house itself. It’s the excitement, amazement and joy on the way to the destination that to a large degree colours everyone’s experiences, discoveries and memories.

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We design the landscape first, a landscape that is in harmony with the existing environment, the morphology and history of the area. Our starting points for the design are the construction of new countryside and the strengthening of the existing natural values. Housing and amenities are carefully fitted into the newly created landscape. We believe sustainability is not only about climate-neutral buildings and the use of sustainable materials and techniques, but also about harmoniously integrating the project into the environment and its ecosystems. We build with and for the natural surroundings.

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Our projects are total concepts. The social component of our designs and projects aim to match the existing economic and ecological components. We believe a project is sustainable only if it inspires the residents of the region in which it is located, combats shrinkage, increases the economic power of local entrepreneurs, and provides training and employment for the local community. We work with local partners during the construction and operational phases of the project whenever possible, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


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